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Aboriginal Auto Loans

When you’re looking for Aboriginal auto loans there are a few things to consider. We’ll cover what’s required and what the interest rates might be. The first thing to consider when you apply for an Aboriginal auto loan is if you are currently employed and making at least $1,800 per month.

You need to have income because that will show you are able to make payments on your new vehicle. Auto loans for Aboriginal people do have some great advantages though. For example, if you’re living on the rez, you can buy your new vehicle tax free! Many of our dealership partners will deliver right to you!

Interest rates could vary though depending on your credit score. However, we can help with bad credit car loans also. We have special programs for Aboriginal auto loans in Canada and we can find something that you will be very happy with.

Sometimes you can get a low interest rate and $0 down payment. If you’ve had a good credit history, that you are more likely to get a deal similar to that. If you’re just in the process of re-building your credit, then you might pay a higher interest rate. But it’s worth it because when you make your auto loan payment on time, your score will go way up!

First Nations Financing has an excellent track record of helping people with Aboriginal auto loans, but we can also help all people of Canada. Over many years we’ve become the leader of online car loans. When you apply now, you’ll see why!

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